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Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Associates "Q Quarters" / "Kissed" & "Q Quarters (Original)" 12" 45 rpm Single (Situation Two)

The 12" single from the late 1970s and early 1980s was the golden years of such object.   Always expensive, yet always desired, the 12" offers another way to hear a song from the album, or from the 45rpm single.  Drums louder, but clearly the bass is more out front.  Nevertheless, one of my favorite artists/bands, The Associates," knew how to make a proper 12" single.   For one Associates Mark One - the original band which was Alan Rankine on every noise, except for Billy MacKenzie who handled the vocals, and I presume the lyrics as well.  "Q Quarters" is a smokey hypnotic little electronic groove piece, which is beautifully textured with subliminal sounds.  These two guys in 1981 were at the top of the peak, with respect to their ability to make pop music that was a combination of Musique Concrete with Euro-Bowie like pop.  One can wonder and reflect on Billy MacKenzie's vocal abilities.  One of the perfect pop voices, ever!