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Thursday, March 23, 2017

David Bowie - "Live Nassau Coliseum" 2 x Vinyl (Parlophone)

What an odd occurrence to purchase this live album today, that was recorded on March 23, 1976, at the Nassau Coliseum - and today's date is March 23.  I didn't realize that till I was half-way listening to this record.   So that is one surprise, the other shocking thing to me is that I never heard these recordings before. I know it's on the recent boxset that came out last year, as well as part of "Station to Station" package that included the original album as well as this live recording from the same period.   The third 'sort of' surprise is how much Bowie was influenced by American Black music.   Of course one hears it on "Young American," but for some weird reason, I never thought about it regarding the "Station to Station" album.
There is a strong funk element to these songs.  I have always thought that the material was 'rock,' as the foundation that has 'funk' or 'soul' touches, but I was totally wrong.  "Station to Station," the album, is very much a soul/funk work with rock touches.  'Word on a Wing" is a classic soul ballad, and of course "Stay" is a funk workout with these incredible textures mixed in with the overall sound.  The live recording of this album is very different from the studio versions.  The band here is fantastic.  

Carlos Alomar on rhythm guitar, Stacy Heydon on lead, George Murray on bass, Tony Kaye (one prog rock guy) on keyboards and the great Dennis Davis on drums.  They are not credited on the album sleeve, although Bowie acknowledges them on the disc/concert.   A good purchase for one's Bowie collection.