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Friday, November 22, 2013

Brian Eno - "Another Green World" Vinyl LP

Brian Eno - Another Green World
Vinyl LP, Album, U.S., 1975
Island Records

The point of no return for Brian Eno and it is on this album that he discovered a new life of sorts as the glam years melt away and he took on a new identity, that to his day, he has kept up.  There is a natural progression from the first to the second and now third solo album in Eno’s career and music.  What strikes me now is how there is tension between the ambient sounds and the melody.  This is not a relaxing album to watch the seasons come and go, but more of an undercurrent of either sexual feelings or violence.  For me this is the last great Eno album. 

“Sky Saw” is one of the great opening tracks on an album ever.  John Cale’s shrieking amplified viola going against the sinister rhythms is the perfect set-piece mood for the rest of the album.  There are gentle moments through out the album, but there is always a sense of danger or intensity just on the other side of that relaxing moment.   Who would have known the great drumming on “Sky Saw” is actually Phil Collins!  This album is a combination of pure blissful beauty but overtures of changes taking place that one may not have control over.  For me a perfect album, but I don’t think Eno will be able to go beyond this.  In fact  he became more of a sound artist than anything else.  So one feels that Another Green World was a goodbye to a certain chapter in Eno’s life.