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Friday, November 15, 2013

Boris Vian/ Henri Salvador - "Henri Salvador chante Boris Vian"

Boris Vian/Henri Salvador - Henri Salvador chante Boris Vian
CD, Compilation, France, 2000

Henri Salvador is a superb jazz guitarist who is also a songwriter and all-around performer.  Proabably most think of him as a goofy character, but on the other hand he was one of Boris Vian’s great friends.  Salvador wrote music to Vian’s words, and both shared a sense of humor and maybe a certain amount of outrage towards the world.  He was Vian’s last partner in crime, before his timely death of a heart attack due to his bad heart.   When you hear these recordings, they are one of great joy.  

I never heard of Henri Salvador till I went to Japan, where he has a following with the Swing dance set.    I had to go to the French section at Tower Shibuya to pick up some of his recordings.  I found this album there as well.  Most of it I believe was recorded after Vian’s death, so it’s a tribute to his friend.  Salvador based instincts is jazz, with pop or early rock n’ roll overtures.  He became knows for his parody songs, but I suspect he had a sharp focus, and had an understanding of the French pop culture of his times.  It makes perfect sense the Vian fitted in his world.