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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Beach Boys - "Cabin Essence"/"Wonderful" 7" vinyl single

The Beach Boys – Cabin Essence/Wonderful
7” vinyl single, clear yellow, given free with an issue of Mojo, 2011
Mojo/Capital Records

One of the insane cuts from a great album Smile by The Beach Boys. Bach like with melody on top of another melody, which strange enough now reminds me of Associates' “Kitchen Sink,” As in everything in the kitchen sink, and this is one dense noise that is beautiful. Both songs. The flip side “Wonderful” is a gorgeous melody and with the layers of vocals and that beautiful piano that traces the song so wonderfully. Brian Wilson's orchestration couldn't be better. For an album that was troubled, it is amazing how it turned out. Total joy, like these two choice cuts from the album.

Also getting this single from Mojo, was a very nice touch.