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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Beach Boys - "The Beach Boys Today!" Vinyl album Mono

The Beach Boys – The Beach Boys Today!
Vinyl Album, Mono, 1965
Capital Records

The Beach Boys Today everyday! At this time they're walking towards their more complex future arrangements, but saying that, one can hear a Ramones type of minimum sound on “Good To My Baby” that has a riff that is so incredible. In fact at this time and earlier the Boys had a remarkable minimal thing going with the guitars, piano, drums, and god knows what else. It is sort of like a wave that comes to the shore and then leaves. If there is rhythm in life, then the same for The Beach Boys. The introduction to “She Knows Me Too Well” goes in and out like a wave.

If you leave out “Bull Session With 'Big Daddy'” you would have a classic Beach Boys album. Why is it on this album? Nevertheless Beach Boys Now is a bridge between the old world to another.... perhaps world?