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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Beatles - "Magical Mystery Tour" Vinyl Album

The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour
Vinyl Album, Stereo U.S. 1967
Capital Records

Another timeless album for me, Magical Mystery Tour, which actually is really an EP, with singles on it. So in a sense this album is just a cash-in for the film. But in my book the throw-a-way cuts are always the most interesting. If not mistaken six of the songs are from the film, better known as the A side, and the b-side is the stuff to fill up a 12 record.

First of all “Baby You're A Rich Man” is such a great title, and the song isn't bad either. A put-down? What I do know is that I love the noise that's in this recording. Moroccan melody played against the bouncy tune, this is a record that is beautifully and adventuresomely arranged. “Strawberry Fields Forever” is still a haunted piece of work and the sinister sounds of “I Am The Walrus” is still a thrill

The problem that people have with Sgt. Pepper is that it is almost too precious and special. Magical Mystery Tour the album, is loose with surprises like the instrumental “Flying” and the drone-pop of Harrison's “Blue Jay Way.” There is a lot of adventure here, and it all fits well on this album. From McCartney's nostalgic “Penny Lane,” wishful “The Fool On The Hill” to the Utopian “All You Need Is Love.” Which have been less moving if it didn't have the darker songs on this album – and the mystery tour is both darkness and lightness combined.