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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Barbara - "Volume 2 1960/1961/1962 Barbara chante Brassens et Brel"

Barbara – Volume 2 1960/1961/1962 Barbara chante Brassens et Brel
CD Compilation, Paris

You can't do wrong with songs by Georges Brassens or Jacques Brel, but when you are Barbara it becomes something extraordinary. Like Gréco, Barbara is a singing icon and worth being passionate about. As I mentioned in a previous review, Barbara is very close to someone like Scott Walker, in that she's a songwriter, but also used her talents to interpret the great songs by these masterful songwriters. One source feeds on the other, and one of the great things about art is that it doesn't come out of nowhere. If you pay attention, and follow the clues, it can lead you into a sensual world. Brassens struck me as a writer commenting on his fellow citizens and Brel, conveys the sensual world that he lived in. Barbara's job is to convey these gentlemen's passions and put it into her own world.

What I have is sort of a greatest hits package. Its great, but it makes me hungry to own the original vinyl. Therefore I put the record covers up, instead of what I have – which is boring looking.