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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Beach Boys - "U.S. Singles Collection: The Capital Years 1962-1965"

The Beach Boys - U.S. Singles Collection: The Capital Years 1962-1965
16 x CD, Compilation, Limited Edition, 2008
Capital Records

The packaging by Tom Recchion is the real star of this Beach Boys collection of early singles.  You almost get the feeling you're buying a collection of E.P.'s but alas, you're not!   They're CD's and it is also in mono and stereo mix.  To be honest this is a great selection of Brian & Company's music.  In many ways the music fits better as a single.  "Little Honda" is a beauty of a song, from the first word 'Go!'  

But by far the most interesting and my favorite of this package is the Christmas songs.  "The Man With All The Toys" (almost sounds like a David Bowie title) is a superb song.  It's Christmas but with a sense of dread.  I can't imagine what Christmas was like at the Wilson household.   I don't need to go there, but I will go to this song on a regular basis and on any day besides Christmas.