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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Thunderclap Newman - "Something in the Air" b/w "Wilhemina" 45 rpm Vinyl Single, 1969 (Track Records)

The most interesting member of the trio band Thunderclap Newman is their piano/sax player Andy Newman.   The fact that they use his last name as part of the band's name means a lot to me.  "Something in the Air' we have talked about before, but, the b-side is one of my all time favorite b-sides as well as a great tune.  "Wilhemina" is the only song written by Andy Newman, the odd looking member of Thunderclap Newman. Well, the whole band reeks of eccentricities, due that their guitarist Jimmy McCulloch was something like fifteen-years-old at the time of these recordings.  And Speedy Keen (a pal of Pete Townshend, therefore the producer) wrote most of the material for the band.  Still, if "Wilhemina" were on their first album, it would have been my favorite cut out of that fantastic LP. 

Good-timey that goes back to a Munich beer hall sometime in the past (but not THAT past) is Newman singing the joys of a lass named Wilhemina while drinking good German beer.  A-side is about revolution, and the B-side is .... drinking beer and enjoying female company.  Your pick!