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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Various - "The Best of James Bond" CD, Album, Compilation, 1992 (EMI)

There are great John Barry compilations out there that focus not only on his James Bond work but the music he wrote for other films and even TV commercials.  On the subject of Bond, this CD package is my favorite.  It's a double disc set, with CD 1 focusing on the major Bond themes throughout the years, and the reason I purchased this particular copy is that of CD 2. 

The second CD is songs that didn't make the grade or instrumental suites put together for the incidental music scenes in the Bond films.  For example, the one masterpiece here is Anthony Newley's version of "Goldfinger."  I'm going to get shot for writing this, but I prefer Newley's version than the great Shirley Bassey.   Minimal with a jazzy/British beat, Newley conveys the villain's world as if he was a member of the Kray gang.  Perhaps this is my favorite Newley moment of them all.  And he made some impressive sounds/visuals throughout his short (died way too young) career.  The other great song on this collection is Louis Armstrong's "We Have All The Time in the World."   A Hal David lyric with Barry melody and then adding the great and aging Armstrong vocal, it's a moving performance.  Also noted is Bassey's "Mr. Kiss Bang Bang."   Also are radio spots for "Dr. No" and "Thunderball."  This collection is perhaps the best thing out of the Cold War era.