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Friday, June 30, 2017

Gene Pitney - "That Girl Belongs To Yesterday" b/w "Who Needs It" 45 rpm Vinyl Single, 1964 (Musicor)

Gene Pitney is an interesting figure in the pop world.  A hit maker who sang other people's songs, but also wrote: "He's A Rebel" for The Crystals and Phil Spector.   One evening he finds himself, which I imagine was the RCA recording studio on Sunset, at a Rolling Stones session.  It's an interesting combination of the Stones world of R n B and Pitney's hardcore sensibility in the realm of Pop.  He and Spector are actually on an early Stones session.   The dynamic duo, Jagger and Richards, wrote Pitney a single "That Girl Belongs To Yesterday."  Co-produced by Pitney and Andrew Loog Oldham. 

Mick and Keith were fantastic in writing on or putting down the female race.  "Under My Thumb," "Stupid Girl," and this oddity of a song "That Girl Belongs To Yesterday."   I love the title so much that I actually want to have a bad relationship with a woman, just to say the title to her.  It's a beautiful under a three-minute piece of noise that clearly is influenced by the Phil Spector aesthetic but even goes beyond those type of recordings.  Spector has a sense of control and drama, but on this song and recording, Pitney pulls no stops in throwing his energy and emotion within the wax.  I'm curious to know who plays on this session.  Are Mick and the Stones on the recording?  Spector must have made an appearance, even a brief one.  It's an amazing record.   The B-Side is fantastic as well.  Wall of Sound coming out of my speakers.