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Monday, June 5, 2017

Paul McCartney - "Another Day" b/w "Oh Woman, Oh Why" 45 rpm vinyl single, 1971 (Apple Records)

When comparing Paul McCartney's early solo recordings with Lennon's early solo works, it seems like there is this hidden layer where they communicate with each other through their individual recordings.   And not just by the songs themselves, but how they packaged their work.  Of course, there is the famous image of Lennon, on the "Imagine" album,  holding, what I think is a pig's ears (this is all from memory) to make fun of McCartney's main image for "Ram."   "Another Day" came out in 1971, after a series of John & Yoko recordings.  What's interesting is the songwriting credits to that song:  "Mr. & Mrs. McCartney."   The album that came out of these sessions, "Ram" is credited to Paul & Linda McCartney.  I wonder if John & Yoko didn't share credit, would Paul still credit his future recordings as Paul & Linda? 

"Another Day" is not a brilliant record, but an exquisite one.  As I write, I can hear the melody so clearly in my head.  That is Paul's genius at work.  Yet, the song has no bite or passion. It's very studied and in control.  A narrative about a housewife living her life, is a good subject matter - but it has no Ray Davies bite or wit.   And Lennon would never write such a song.  I don't think he ever wrote a narrative tune in such a manner.  His 'narrative' works are always had a touch of fantasy.  McCartney is a songwriter who believes in narration, beginning, middle, and end.  His thinking is very straight forward.  John Lennon was narrative to a certain degree, but it goes from A to C, and may end in B.   And with respect to Linda, I do wonder what she contributed to this song?   

"Oh Woman, Oh Why" is the song for me with respect to this single.  Technically the B-Side, but to me this should have been the A-Side.  Primative Paul at his best.   I actually like the first Wings album because of its roughness.  I like rough Paul more than neat and precise Paul.