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Monday, June 26, 2017

Franck Barcellini & Alain Romans - "Bande Originale du film de Jacques Tati "Mon Oncle"" Vinyl, 7" EP, France, 1958 (Fontana)

It took me forever but I eventually found a copy of this French EP in Shinjuku Tokyo.  And in good shape!  I already have the music on a long player vinyl that focuses on all of Jacques Tati's soundtracks.  But this one is special, and not only due to the great front cover to this 7".   Boris Vian wrote the liner notes when he was working for the record label.  I never had it translated it into English, but since I'm a Vian freak, I just had to have this copy in my collection. 

The music, of course, is light. It fits in perfectly with the world of Tati and the planet that he lived on which I think is Tati-Land.  Or that should be the name of this planet Earth.  Tati had the ability to understand the nature of the industrial overtures in Europe, especially in France, and his witty commentary on modernism is both profound and of course, hysterical.  But if you dig deeper you can tell Tati had a real hatred or at the very least, a deep suspicion of the modern world.  

I know nothing of the two composers who wrote the soundtrack and researching them online in English comes with very little information.  Nevertheless, once you hear the music, it becomes the natural (almost organic) sounds of Tati and of course, Tati-Land.