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Friday, June 30, 2017

The Rumour - "Frozen Years" 45 rpm Single, 1979 (Stiff Records)

The Rumour was (and still is) Graham Parker's backup band.   In a way, they're sort of the Crazy Horse to Neil Young.  I liked Parker's music but never felt close to his work.   On the other hand, I'm crazy about The Rumour's "Frozen Years."  For me, it's a reflection of or from David Bowie's "Heroes."  It's commentary on something being viewed or thought of.  Journalism as a song?  The melody seeps into my consciousness and I'm often humming the song when taking a bath.  Also the phrase "caught in the Frozen Years" has a touch of tragedy but with beauty.  It's like a photograph that you keep, but you're not sure why.