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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Barbara Lewis - "Baby, I'm Yours" b/w "I Say Love" 45 rpm vinyl single, 1965 (Atlantic Records)

I first heard this song as a child, and I was living in Beverly Glenn, which is a canyon area between Sunset Blvd and the San Fernando Valley.   Songs tend to place one in a specific era or location.  Barbara Lewis' "Baby, I'm Yours" places me in the spring time and even now listening to the record, I can feel the sunshine of that time in March 1965.  We were months away from a natural disaster (our house was destroyed in a mudslide that December), but before that life was good for me.  "Baby I'm Yours" represent the good times for me before the change took its place which to this day still have an affect on me. 

"Baby, I'm Yours" is a song written by Van McCoy, who had hits in the disco era in the 1970s.  Both the A and B-Side was directed by Bert Berns, which is different from the credit "An Ollie McLaughlin Production."  Does that mean Berns was in the studio or was it McLaughlin, or both?  It sounds like a film, and perhaps to Berns and McLaughlin, it was cinematic than aural  - or, it's a work that gives one a visual.  If that's the case, it works for me, because very few songs bring me to my childhood in such a vivid manner.   I can remember the heat and the chocolate Bosco drinks that our neighbor made for us kids on the block.  The romantic yearning of "Baby, I'm Yours" captured my young and curious heart.  I didn't know love, but I did notice the pretty girls I went to school with at Nora Sterry Elementary School.   This is the theme song of that time and place.  Perhaps my personal soundtrack of a memory.