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Friday, June 23, 2017

Scott Walker "Pola X" CD, Album, Soundtrack, 1999 (Barclay)

Scott Walker's film score to Leos Carax's "Pola X" is pretty magnificent.  For one, it's music of great taste.  Walker uses other artists on this score, and his choices such as Sonic Youth and Smog are excellent.  In fact, it's because of this album that I became aware of Smog.  Beyond that, the one cut "Light" may be the most beautiful piece of music from the 20th-century.  The melody is haunted, sad, and perfect for anyone in the loser mode at 3:00 AM.  My urge is to play this song over and over for 24 hours.  Which is not long enough.  

This is an excellent Scott Walker.  It's hard to find, and it really needs to be released.  From industrial to noise to 'that' beautiful work - it's Scott not singing, but clearly his instrumental work is equally as important as his singing or vocal work.   A great album.