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Thursday, June 22, 2017

The High Numbers (The Who) "I'm the Face" b/w "Zoot Suit" Vinyl, 7" 33 1/3, Promo (Mercury)

Before The Who, there were The High Numbers.  As far as I know, there are only two songs by The High Numbers, and they are "I'm the Face" and "Zoot Suit."  The Who went on to make great records, but if push comes to a shove, I prefer these early recordings by The High Numbers.  For one, they are strange.  It's RnB but with a druggy sexual edge.   The Who were never sexy to me, but these recordings expose a certain amount of Eros in their mix.  

Both songs were written by their manager at the time, Pete Meaden (1941-1978).  He's considered to be the Mod King.   Druggy with a life that was full of danger, his greatest invention was the early Who.  Both songs capture the Mod aesthetic perfectly.  Tight, controlled, yet bordering on the manic. An excellent record.