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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Billie Davis - Whatcha Gonna Do?

Billie Davis – Whatcha Gonna Do? Singles, Rarities And Unreleased 1963-1966
CD Compilation, UK
RPM Records

Sassy, beautiful, and soulful, Billie Davis a British YéYé girl singer whose big voice was surrounded by a big wonderful production. She got her start with Joe Meek and had some hits, but also had a troubled relationship with Jet Harris, the original bass player for The Shadows. And she was only 17, at the height of that affair with the married Harris.

Nevertheless I found this CD in Shibuya HMV, which at the time was the great location to find British '60's era pop music. I knew nothing of her, but the cover caught my attention. Also being in Japan at the time, I was deeply afraid that I will never see this CD collection again. So I bought it with a certain amount of fear but with no regret. As soon as I got home in Los Angeles I played the CD and right away I was charmed by the live recordings that starts off this album. A total teen show for the teens, which always makes me feel nostalgic for a time that I didn't fully participate in. So very much so, this collection of songs make me live an imaginary life that I never lived, but imagined. And classic pop belongs to those who imagined