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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Adam Faith - "Lonely Pup" / "Greenfinger" 45 rpm Vinyl

Adam Faith – Lonely Pup Greenfinger
45rpm vinyl single, UK, 1960

Dreadful Christmas single from the genius John Barry and Buddy Holly obsessed Adam Faith. But the B-side Greenfinger is amazing. Mostly due to John Barry's arrangement, which is hynotic with dark overtures. Faith does his best Holly vocal imitation, but of course it is not his voice that makes the record. This is totally the work of the arranger, and it overcomes the singer. Also I am very much attracted to the Parlophone record label design. The logo of the name is very cartoonish, and I tend to think about that than the music. Nevertheless for the Barry obsessive, this record is of course a must.