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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Big Star - "Third/Sisters Lovers" CD Album

Big Star – Third/ Sister Lovers
CD Album, 1992

A horror show. Or I should say an album posed as a horror show. A Big Star album by name, but really except for one song, pretty much of an Alex Chilton solo album. Here it is at the end of the line, and what comes up is a combination of a manic/depressive state known as Third or Sister Lovers. In parts it reminds me of late 1960's Beach Boys meeting the Velvet Underground. He even covers Lou Reed's “Femme Fatale” in a faithful, yet full of the Alex menace and a certain amount of grace. For instance is there a more haunting song than “Holocaust?”

At times the album yells out 3AM, but it is an album full of shadows and shades. Not exactly colors mind you, but it's rich like a John Ford black and white movie. Also there is a lot of experimentation with respect to sound and there's a tension from the first cut to the last. If possible I would get the Rykodisc edition due to the artwork, but also the bonus cuts. All good. “Downs” is calypso done with a Memphis aesthetic and again, “Nature Boy.” Essential work.