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Monday, September 30, 2013

Billy J. Kramer And The Dakotas - "Trains And Boats And Planes" / "I'll Be On My Way"

Billy J. Kramer And The DakotasTrains And Boats And Planes/ I'll Be On My Way
Vinyl 7” 45rpm, U.S., 1965

Not my favorite but one of the haunted sounds for yours truly, Billy J. Kramer's take on the great song by Bacharach and David is incredible. Kramer's voice conveys a great deal of sadness to me, ever since I was a kid, when I first heard this recording In fact it may be the first piece of music that struck me sad, even tragic, although I didn't totally understood, I just felt the distance the singer was experiencing from his loved one. Now, the beauty of it is still with me. What I like about the lyric is that he took all the modern tools of travel and what would be an adventure is a tragedy. Because not only the missing loved one is gone, but also bitterness to the tools of transportation as well.