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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Billie Holiday ' "Music For Torching With Billie Holiday" Vinyl Mono LP

Billie Holiday – Music For Torching With Billie Holiday
Vinyl LP, Album, Mono, Reissue
Verve Records

A smallish jazz band behind Billie Holiday, and she shines as much as anyone can with the 3 AM feeling. I'm also impressed with this album because one of its recording dates was August 25, 1955, when I turned the magical age of 1. The other thing that impressed me was when I bought this used album and I put it on my turntable, it died. It died without warning or fuss. I figure this album killed my turntable. Nevertheless it a turntable was going to die from a record, this is a good one to die with.

Compared to Lady In Satin this is a very intimate album. I think there's more heart here as well. You can tell that musicians really liked playing with her. I think of her voice as another instrument in the band. This is very much an essential album by her, now if only my turntable can survive her charms.