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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Billy Fury - "Rough Diamonds and Pure Gems

Billy Fury – Rough Diamonds and Pure Gems
CD Album, Compilation, 1991
The Magnum Music Group

To be honest this is a lame album collection of Billy Fury recordings that don't matter. It is for those who have everything by the man, and here is the bottom of the barrow as well. The only thing that is passable is his recordings of Buddy Holly songs, which of course, is natural for him. But even that one feels he's trapped by the production and the show-biz machinery of the British early 60's music world. Of course there are better albums out there by this great artist, but its tough to love a pop singer who has a faulty catalog of recordings. Still, its worth to go through the horror to find the beauty that is in his music history.