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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Billy Fury - "The One And Only" CD Album

Billy Fury – The One And Only
CD Album, 1983

A very sad album. This was Billy Fury's last album and it's not a good one. In theory I think he had to come out of retirement to do music due to his financial problems and his health was getting worse. Like Boris Vian, Fury knew that he wouldn't have a full life due to heart problems. Before he recorded the album he did have a heart attack, and also I don't think his 'weak' heart was into music making anymore. He became devoted to the animal world, and was known to be passionate about birds.

Fury was 42 years old when he passed away. In many ways he was the typical tension between the music business and being a man who enjoyed making music. Sometimes the two go together, and other times, it is being in the music world for the wrong reasons. Fury was a natural talent, he was a good songwriter, and reportaly an excellent live act. But his fellow Liverpool citizens The Beatles made it clear that the future star will be one's who write their own songs. Fury already at a step-up in that direction but the music business of his world didn't encourage to go that route. But we do have some memories of Fury's perfect moments, which were few, but they stayed with me that seems forever.