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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Dave Clark Five ‎– "Glad All Over / Bits And Pieces" (Hollywood Records) 45 rpm Single

I found a used copy of the 45 rpm single of The Dave Clark Five's "Glad All Over" and the back side "Bits and Pieces."  This is argumentative, but I feel that these two songs pretty much represent the Five sound at its best.  I have read that Joe Meek was convinced that Dave Clark was stealing his trademark sound, in fact, he suspected that his home studio was bugged.   This may or may not be true, but nevertheless this 45 rpm is magnificent.  It's the rhythm more than anything else.  The powerhouse drumming, the sax guitar bass - just basically the same noise.  And then Michael Smith's vocals which are John Lennon like in its intensity.   Strangely enough, the mighty five are not on Spotify or Apple Music, in fact, it's hard to find their work online.  Dave Clark owns the masters to his recordings, and for reasons unknown, he maintains the records wrapped up in his safe.   On the other hand, pretty much any decent music vinyl store will have used copies of The Dave Clark Five albums in stock.  Mono recordings of course are the best sound format for the Dave Clark Five sound. It's a sonic wave coming towards you, and once you're in the wave, there is no way of getting out.   Overall I'm not a fan of their albums - they tend to be one dimension.   But this single, oh my, fantastic.