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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

THE ROUTERS "Let's Go! With The Routers" (Scott Walker) Warner Brothers Records 1963

I found this album at Rockaway Records on Glendale Blvd, and there are two reasons why I bought this vinyl.  One, I love the song "Let's Go!"  Pre-glam drums (Hal Blaine?) mixed with a chorus yelling out "Let's Go," is a cocktail for the perfect aural listening experience.  The number 2, is the most important reason why I have this album in my collection.  Scott Engels plays bass on it.  In other words, Scott Walker.   From teenage singer to The Routers to Sunn)))0 - how can it be so perfect.  

Beyond these two and important facts above, this is a great instrumental surf/beat album.  Handclaps, beat drums, honking sax (roots of Andy MacKay/Roxy Music), and the knowledge of the bizarre twist of Scott Walker's entire career.  Also I played two sides of this album, and the record was finished before I could finish these two paragraphs.   Short, makes it point, and it's gone is a haze of hot rod exhaust.   

Scott Walker on bass on both photographs