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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fleetwood Mac - "Then Play On" Vinyl, LP, Album, 1969 (Reprise)

I discovered this album late in my life.   Fleetwood Mac when under the control or influence of Peter Green was something magical.  The beauty of the lineup of Green, Kirwan, Spencer, and the dynamic rhythm section, Fleetwood and McVie made an impressive amount of noise.  This album is the perfect blend of blues, pop rock, a touch of surf, and impressive songwriting.  What's pleasing to me is to hear three separate guitars with their individual style, and all blending into the mix.  The dynamics of this particular line-up, when together, is bigger than any person in the band.  In other words, "Then Play On" is a work by a band.  

Kirwan I feel is an underrated songwriter at this time.  There is a sweetness but tinted with sadness that really gives his songs a real soul.  Green I feel was exploring the blues to find a new angle in approaching that category.   The combination of all gives this album a majestic sound.  To my ears, it reminds me a bit of Television -especially with the difference between Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd on their instruments.  This Fleetwood Mac album leaves a great aftertaste, but alas it was the last of this particular lineup.  By listening to this album, I would think for sure there would have been more.  Unfortunately, that wasn't meant to happen.