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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bluebob - "Bluebob" CD Album

Bluebob – Bluebob
CD, Album, US, 2002
Soulitude Records

Bluebob is a band, of sorts, composed of David Lynch and John Neff. I suspect, and I can be deadly wrong, that Lynch will be better known for his music. For me it is hard to think about his films without the soundtrack – and even though he chose the recording, it somehow conveys the Lynch aesthetic. Bluebob came out of nowhere and landed in the home of Tosh, and usually I have a memory of getting the record or CD, but in this case, it is totally blank.

The sound is what you expect from the Lynch world. Driving boogie-blues with the 1950's Duane Eddy meets Joe Meek guitar. But the big difference here is Neff's vocals, which almost, makes these songs sound normal. But there is also a death metal touch to the recording as well. It's a remarkable record, and in some Lynch music landscapes it s a road house bar, but the music here I think belongs to a dark forest. It's not an urban sound, but more of a 3:30 AM in the wrong part of the forest type of sound. Also it's a good record to hear by yourself. It is not sharing type of music, more of laying in front of the hi-fi by yourself, and letting the sounds bath you type of record.