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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bobby Troup - "Bobby Troup!" Vinyl 10" Album, Mono

Bobby Troup - Bobby Troup!
vinyl 10” LP, Mono, 1954
Capital Records

Bobby Troup reminds me of a jazzy Alex Chilton, and if there is any law of pure chance, Chilton must have been a fan.  The lazy cool approach he has to his music seems to be as natural as a child playing in the sand.  Half conversational, you expect him to get near your ear just purring out the words from his mouth to your auditory opening. 

The beauty of his work is not only his conversational style of singing, but also he is quite a wordsmith.  Playful, yet romantic and truly a perfect package.  Troup, even though he wrote the great “Route 66” became better known in his life time as a character actor.  Listening to his music it makes perfect sense that he was married to Julie London.   They both share that intimate vibe.  Smothering passion galore.