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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Blur - "Blur" CD Album

Blur – Blur
CD Album, US, 1997
Virgin Records

This is the album where I got on the Blur train. In certain angles a perfect album, but a tad long. But I did fell in love with Blur by the first note from the opening song “Beetlebum” which struck me as a moment of perfection. That followed by “Song 2” was like the perfect 45rpm single that doesn't exist. The other cut that I can't get enough is the hyponitic “Death Of A Party” which I can listen to on endless repeat from now to ever.

It's an interesting album compared to what they have done before. It seems that they thrown away their image as teenage pop-makers into a more dark murky world. Whatever it is hard drugs or just the entrapment they felt being part of the Brit-Pop affair, it forced them against the wall, and they fought back to obtain a new landscape for their songs. All four of them add to the chemistry that is necessary Blur. It's a cool album made when things were not that 'cool.'