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Friday, October 11, 2013

Bo Diddley - "Bo Diddley The Chess Box" 2 x CD Compilation

Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley The Chess Box
2 x CD, Compilation, U.S., 1990

The great Elais McDaniel better known as Bo Diddley is a genius. There are many geniuses in the music field, but Diddley is one because he understood the power of the primitive guitar. In many ways I feel Chuck Berry is the Cliff Richard of rock, and Bo is part of the punk/noise/avant-garde of 1950's rock n' roll. The classic line up of drums, maracas (courtesy of Jerome Green) and electric guitar is beyond great, the feeling is more of a wild spirituality. All emotion and thought is caught by the beat, and one is a prisoner of that relentless rhythm.

Often imitated or quoted, but when you hear the original Chess recordings of this music giant you realize all those other versions are just silly. Also the directness of Bo's music is so straight forward. I feel there is no sepearation between the brain and the beat. All of it done effortlessly by him and his band. Essential.