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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Traffic - "Heaven Is In Your Mind" Vinyl, Reissue, Mono (Sundered Music)

one of my all-time favorite albums.  I first bought it I think in 1967, or early 1968. "Heaven Is In Your Head" is confusing, due that there is another version of this album that came out in the UK, and I think even in the U.S. there may have been at least two versions of this album.  Nevertheless,  and over many years, I now have this specific version.  It's a re-issue and in mono. 

Steve Winwood and friends (sometimes Dave Mason, who is on and off this album) made the perfect psychedelic pop with touches of European flavor.   The songwriting on the album is superb and incredibly textured.   Jim Capaldi (co-writer) and Chris Wood were magnificent additional visionaries for this first release.   Like all great things, the band soured for me by their second album.  They did nothing wrong, but compared to the first album, I felt they lost their spark or originality.  Perhaps they were in the right place and time.  A great band that could have been greater, but "Heaven Is In Your Mind" is a remarkable aural/sonic work.   It's hard to believe that Winwood was still a teenager when he made this recording.