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Monday, April 24, 2017

Jack Nitzsche and his Orchestra - "Chopin '66" Vinyl LP (Reprise)

One of my favorite all - time albums.  Jack Nitzsche's arrangements for Chopin.  This on the surface sounds very kitsch, but the fact is this is a very moving album.   The Nitzsche touch is a golden one, and whoever he does arrangments for or production for that matter, is always the right touch.  Here he takes on the great piano music by Chopin and transforms these music pieces into an epic orchestration that is more pop orientated than classical.   

There is no written history of this album being made, so I'm not even sure why it exists.  "The modern sounds" that is stated on the cover, is the full-blown Nitzsche talent in making the perfect orchestration that is neither overblown or downtrodden the original score.   Yet it is very 1966 in that pop mode of perfection that came out of that year. Think of The Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" and perhaps the last puff of the great Spector recordings.   Nitzsche takes Chopin on the route of pop but turns these beautiful melodies into a magnificent soundscape.   I love this album.