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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Damned - "Eloise" Vinyl, 12", 33 1/3, 1986 (MCA Records)

"Eloise" is one of the great songs from the last century.  I don't have the Barry Ryan original recording, but I do have this 12" mix/version of the song by The Damned.    Time-to-time I walk into a room, and someone is playing a best of The Damned album, and it's like "why don't I have the entire catalog from this band?"   That I don't answer for nor will I go into it in this particular post.   One thing I do know for sure, The Damned has good taste.   They do the song with great pomp, but respect to the original as well.   It must have been hard to believe that a band starting out with "New Rose" (another incredible record) had somehow led to "Eloise."   Plus the fact that they further their good taste by doing a great version of John Barry's  "Beat Girl."    A record can't get more fun.