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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Henry Badowski - "Life Is a Grand..." Vinyl LP, 1981 (A&M)

Henry Badowski's "Life Is a Grand..." is a perfect gem of an album.  I can't remember why I bought this album back in 1981.  I suspect that I liked the cover, and one of the songs is called "My Face," which at the time, I thought to myself 'what a great title for a song!'   There are albums one listens to, and it's a series of perfect moments.  "Life Is a Grand..." is a blissful listening experience.  It reminds of solo Syd Barrett, a touch of Kevin Ayers, and basically beautiful melodies.  Very much an album made by one man.  Henry Badowski is a mystery to me.  I know he's associated with The Damned and played with Wreckless Eric, but beyond that, why only this one solo album?

Always a great record to play in the background, because as you're sitting there or standing by the wall, you are drawn into the music, like a seductive pull of an alluring woman.  Or man.  For me, it's a masterpiece.