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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Associates - "Sulk" Vinyl Album

The Associates – Sulk
Vinyl Album, 1982
Beggars Banquet

The lushness of the album cover with Billy and Alan looking towards the camera pretty much expresses the sound of the album. Elegance with a twisted angle. “Party Fears Two” has to be one of the great pop records from the '80s. Mysterious, yet enticing with the images expressed in the song. Even the title is so beautifully expressed. “It's Better This Way” is a driving track that one wonders why this is not considered a pop classic. In fact why is this album not as big as “The Other Side Of The Moon?' Seductively recorded it is like laying between velvet walls with shag carpeting. Essential, and a very warm album. The tension is that it can explode any moment....