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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Andy Mackay - "In Search of Eddie Riff" Vinyl Album, 1974

Andy Mackay – In Search of Eddie Riff
Vinyl album, 1974
Island Records

Of all the Roxy Music side-projects this is the most eccentric, due that it sounds like the step-brother of the first Roxy album . Like that album its roots are pre-rock, exotica, and a touch of Joe Meek. It is one of my favorite albums due to its strangeness. Mackay is one of the architects of the Roxy sound, and this album is the proof in the cooking.

A mixture of camp is thrown in into this mix, but it is also very heartfelt. As I mentioned that are a lot of Meek touches through out the album. Specifically “Walking The Whippet” which sounds like a Meek b-side. It is simply lovely.

So In Search of Eddie Riff is very much a throw-back to the rock instrumental album – and doing so, it is also exposing the roots of Roxy Music, and why at that time it was the most modern sound out there.