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Saturday, July 6, 2013

April March - "Chrominance Decoder"

April March – Chrominance Decoder
CD Album, Canada, 1999
Ideal Records

There's a sizable cult behind Bertrand Burgalat, who is a French producer who has the sound of the past but done now. Very much the child or grandchild of the Ye-Ye movement, it would seem a perfect fit for him to work with the American April March, who is French in theory only. Chrominance Decorder is very much swept-up light electronics with a strong French taste. On one level its beautiful, but on the other it sometimes too much like music you hear in an expensive restaurant. But that is also a matter of taste, and the truth is I fell in love with April's world with respect to her Chick Habit EP. The voice is the same but the music is less harsh and garage rock-like intensity. This album works as a tonic for a harsh life. It is like falling asleep outside in a chilly day and this music serves as a blanket. Its very comfortable.