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Monday, July 8, 2013

Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers - "Des Femmes Disparaissent & Les Tricheurs" CD Compliation

Art Blakey's Jazz MessengersDes Femmes Disparaissent & Les Tricheurs
CD Compliation, 1988

It starts off with the Blakey drums, dark, mysterious, and that goes into another world. Then the brass comes in and it welcomes the listener to something wonderful.  Jazz to me is a tremendous aspect of film soundtracks -that is not used anymore. Jazz conveys a mood and it seems the Europeans had a natural relationship with the (mostly) American sound which goes with whatever is up on the screen. Also TV shows from the 50's and early 60's had nice Jazz music for instance “Peter Gunn” written by Mancini, that's marvellous. This album is two soundtracks combined, one is the music to the 1959 French film Des Femmes Disparaissent starring Boris Vian's friend Magali Noel and the great French singer Philippe Clay.  The other is Les Tricheurs.

I never seen the films, but listening to this soundtrack I get images in my head, which is the best for me. I love soundtrack albums, but it doesn't necessary mean I would like the film or even how the music is used in that movie. No, I like it because it's abstract to me, it stands by itself and this album reeks of mood, that's smokey and obviously in the middle-of-the-night feeling. If one is to make choices in life, a soundtrack can supply the right melody with the right mood – and therefore its a life worth living.