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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Associates - "Kitchen Person"/"An Even Whiter Car" Vinyl 12" Single

The Associates – Kitchen Person/An Even Whiter Car
Vinyl 12”
Situation Two

Chaos rules on this record. Its hysterical, nervous, and its heading towards a world that may self-destruct at any moment. Which, made it very exciting for a 12” single. At the time of its release I was totally in awe of The Associates, which at that time it was Billy Mackenzie and Alan Rankine. Like Fourth Drawer Down I bought this recording at Arron’s on Melrose. That and maybe Vinyl Fetish would not only carry their recordings but also someone on the staff would know of them as well. They made such brilliant noise, that its hard for me to understand why someone wouldn't like them. In the U.S. Market they are thought of as a band that's New Wave or maybe even New Romantic, but the truth is they were more experimental. Especially at this time in their non-career.

At the time I think I was working at Licorice Pizza in Reseda, but living on Martel in Hollywood. I have a strong memory of playing this record really loud, and looking outside my window which basically faced a huge tree. The whole single apartment was in a sense a tree house. At least that is what everyone called it when they visited me and my girlfriend at the time. I was also intrigued by the images of Billy Mackenzie. I knew he was campy in a sense, but he also had a 'I don't give a shit' attitude, which to me at the time was totally cool and totally my world. In fact I really needed to listen to someone like Billy Mackenzie with that attitude and even more important that voice that made poetry out of noise.

The b-side is basically the melody of “White Car in Germany” but done slow and sort of in a dub fashion. But it is very Germanic and dramatic.