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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Associates - "The Radio Sessions Volume Two 1984-1985 CD

The Associates – The Radio Sessions Volume Two 1984-1985
CD Compilation, UK, 2003
Strange Fruit

Recorded 'live' for the radio, here we have the great combination of a fantastic song with the glory that is Billy Mackenzie's voice. “The Crying Game” is one of my all-time favorite records by Dave Berry, and here, Billy makes it the ultimate torch song. It seems effortless on his part, but its not only his voice, but he's also a fantastic songwriter, as well as a man of great taste, with respect to his choice of cover songs to sing. In some ways, and it is picking apples from the oranges, this collection may be the best of the two radio session series. Included is a rare recording of “Kites,” a song I know nothing about. Same as “Country Boy” (not on this album) – where does he find these songs?