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Monday, July 29, 2013

Badfinger - "The Very Best of Badfinger" CD Compilation, US, 2000

BadfingerThe Very Best of Badfinger
CD Compilation, U.S., 2000

For a band that was produced by the all-time greats of their era, such as Tony Visconti, Todd Rundgren, Geoff Emerick, Paul McCartney, Chris Thomas, and are actually on The Beatles label Apple, how did they become such a downer? By all accounts this should have been a happy narrative with plenty of hits on the side, but instead we get two suicides and sort of a text book in bad luck in the music business. So do I love this band? No.

Without a doubt Badfinger know their way in a recording studio, and they have that text book songwriting skills, yet something about them leaves me really cold. They're the Beatles but without the Beatle poison. In other words I hear the skills of putting a pop record together, but I don't hear a sense of passion. I can totally understand people loving this band, but also I feel they don't take any chances with their music, and for me, I need that scope on a pop record. By no means do I dislike Badfinger, I just wished there was something else added to the mix. But yeah for sure they know there way around a good melody. I can't fault them on that.