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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Associates -"The Radio One Sessions Volume One 1981-1983" CD

The Associates – The Radio One Sessions Volume One 1981-1983
CD Compliation, UK, 2003 (Recorded in 1981 thru 1983)
Strange Fruit

Once you fall into the charms and sounds of The Associates, then one is sucked into their world forever. Which really means the world of Billy Mackenzie. This album is not essential, but you will feel weird not having it in your collection, because it is live Billy recordings, and every breath he made one would want to own it. The beauty of these recordings is that it's an artist that I feel was not in love with the live performance. I am guessing that he would prefer to spend time in the recording studio more than a radio station or on the stage. And beyond that I think music was third down the list after raising whippets, and hanging out with his family. Making music may have been just to do something between those two other activities. Which brings to mind the humor of “A Severe Bout of Career of Insecurity,” which brings out all the post-punk sounds in one track. The great thing about Billy & Co is that they never rest on their laurels. In ways they remind me of the early PIL, in that they made records to challenge the medium, and I think that is what interested Billy with respect to making music.