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Saturday, June 22, 2013

AIR - "Moon Safari" CD Album

AIR – Moon Safari
CD Album, 1998

The first Air album for me. A grand introduction to their seductive world of floating melodies, and pretty images that one gets in their heads. Psychedelic music for those who don't indulge. And I don't, so I need music like this. Its a world that is made-up, fluffy, and everything is beautiful. I think the fact that my life is beautiful makes this music a perfect fit for me. Anytime I have a sense of doubt or I can't make it, just play “Sexy Boy” and the world is all of sudden all right again.

Pop music has many purposes, but I think Air understands how music can affect one's mood whatever its happiness or sadness. Basically if you think about it, its really the one and the same. Music used as a soundtrack to one's life is something that goes beyond the sense of mood. I have always felt a sense of dread, and this music as well as its happiness, can easily reflect the sadness in life as well. I don't understand how any one can not like this album. You don't have to love it, but to hate it – I would think that's impossible.