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Friday, June 21, 2013

Adam Faith (and John Barry) - "Adam" CD Album, Mono & Stereo

Adam Faith – Adam
CD album, Mono & Stereo, 1960

When I hear this album I feel like I fell in a time-wrap but that specific time doesn't really exist. The main interest for me is that Adam is arranged and conducted by the great John Barry. Even if I sang on this album, it would be interesting! But to be fair to Adam Faith, he does have an intimate way of singing. But I get the impression that he came in after everything is recorded and he's just following directions on a sheet of paper. But actually hearing this album is a surreal experience, because it is two albums in one. As I mentioned the Barry arrangements are right in your face, and then the vocals seems to be an afterthought. But Faith is an interesting cat. He was in the business in all its positions. He was a teen star, actor, a manager and eventually an investment advisor – not a very good one. But he's a lad who made out OK.

So on the surface I don't like this album, but there is something that attracts me to the music. And it maybe due to my appreciation of British music history and people like John Barry. A dream world for me, and listening to this album puts me in world of not my making, but one that I can imagine. Even though Barry and Faith more likely won't recognize that world.