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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Aldo Ciccolini / Erik Satie - "Piano Music of Erik Satie, Vol 2"

Aldo Ciccolini / Erik Satie – Piano Music of Erik Satie, Vol 2
Vinyl LP, Stereo
Angel Records

Some of this music on this album sounds very music hall. I imagine a lot of drinking and drunks dancing around the piano and its piano player. Specifically “Le Belle Excentrique.” Erik Satie is so one with his melodic writings that it's kind of scary. Aldo Ciccolini is also very much in Satie's skin while playing his music. He captures the humor but also understands the specific beauty of the work as well. Dreamy, but dreamy in a world where one doesn't or can't dream. There is tension between the two worlds and I am not sure if its Satie or Ciccolini driving us to that entrance way. Nevertheless beautiful.