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Saturday, June 22, 2013

AIR - "Radio #1/Radio #1 (Senior Coconut Remix) /Radio #1 (Call Out Hook #1)

AIR – Radio #1 / Radio #1 (Senor Coconut Remix) / Radio #1 (Call Out Hook #1) ' Radio #1 (Call Out Hook #2)
CD Single, 2001, US Promo 4-track CD

One of those perfect singles. Radio #1 is a radio hit, even if there are no more radios. Dreamy melody but the song almost rocks which makes it perfectly charming. The lyrics flirts with psychedelic imagery. The whole AIR motif is one where it reminds you of another era, but that era is sort of an imagined one, it may have never existed. Which gives their work a certain amount of sadness.