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Saturday, June 22, 2013

AIR - "Sexy Boy" CD Single

AIR – Sexy Boy
CD Single, 1998
Caroline Records

To this day I have never fully heard the lyrics to “Sexy Boy.” But I always think of it as a children's song, due to the sweet catchy melody. There is nothing menacing about the 'sexy boy' in this context, it is part of nature. But once in awhile while I listen to this song, I sense an urge of evil of some sort. The beauty of a classic pop song or recording is that it conveys different moods, and I think it is more in the head of the listener than anything else. So if I feel sinister that is what I hear. But mostly when I listen to Air's “Sexy Boy” I think of lost innocence of some sort. I imagine an older gentleman singing this song, with some regrets about their life.

The Sex Kino Mix by Beck is also charming. The munching of a carrot in the beginning gives the song a cartoon touch - perhaps Bugs Bunny?