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Friday, June 21, 2013

Adam Ant - "Antics In The Forbidden Zone" CD Compilation, Remastered

Adam Ant – Antics In The Forbidden Zone
CD Compilation, Remastered

Adam Ant's survey from the first album From Dirk Wears White Sox to Vive Le Rock. Impressive work and maybe the best way to hear Adam's work. Not saying that he's solely a singles artist, but choosing specific cuts gives his work a greater strength. Here's a great resume to give out to someone who haven't heard Adam or his Ants.

I always felt he was extremely underrated, and sort of a joke figure, where in fact his recordings (especially with Marco his long-termed guitarist) are really forward sounding, but taking sounds from the past. In that sense it is similar to the first Roxy Music album. Traces are there to remind one of a past, but what we are talking about is the future or at the very worst, the now. Through out the early years – both with the Ants and solo, his work has been commercial, but with a specific edge and respect to its roots. Adam knows his history – mostly culturally, and uses it in his music and visuals. There is not a bad cut on this 'greatest hits' collection, its all pure sunlight, but we all know the darkness that lurked behind that brightness.